Candidates have the right to appeal any of the following:-

  • The assessment centres recommendation to not certificate
  • ACL decision to not certificate
  • ACL decision to withdraw or suspend certification
  • The outcome of a complaint against ACL

The appellant will be required to pay a fee upfront to appeal a decision listed above if their complaint is then upheld this fee will be returned in full.

Details of the appeal procedure are available on request or from the ACL website and in the matter of the assessment centres recommendation, this should initially be raised at the assessment centre at the time of the recommendation and their internal process exhausted prior to referral to ACL.

All appeal requests must be in writing to ACL within 10 working days of the decision being appealed, clearly stating the reasons for the appeal.

ACL will keep the appellant appraised at all times and will endeavour to resolve the appeal in a timely and efficient manner. All decisions will be provided in writing giving the reasons for the decision.

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