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ACS Gas -Domestic Natural Gas / LPG

adSkills Certification Ltd is accredited by United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) for ACS (NATIONALLY ACCREDITED CERTIFICATION SCHEME FOR INDIVIDUAL GAS FITTING OPERATIVES) scheme as listed in our UKAS schedule of accreditation.


ACS Scheme Rules

For further information please click on the following topics.

* Gas ACS Status Definitions
* Operational Requirements Document 2020
* Guidance Information for Certification Bodies – GN 8
* Qualification List for Entry to ACS Assessment Categories (GN 8 Appendix 1)
* UK Qualifications and Certification Schemes Known Not to be Suitable for Accessing ACS Assessments (GN 8 Appendix 2)

* Further ACS scheme guidance is provided in “Guidance to ACS Gas Safety Assessment Framework”.
* ACS Guidance Note 8 provides “ACS entry route and Changeover Requirements” for candidates.
* Guidance Note 8 Appendix 1 provides information on “UK Qualifications and Certificate Schemes and their Suitability for accessing ACS Assessments”
* Guidance Note 8 Appendix 2 provides information on “ UK Qualifications and Certification Schemes known NOT TO BE SUITABLE for Accessing ACS Assessments”
* Gas ACS Status Definitions document provides information on ACS Codes
* Scheme Rules (ACS)

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