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Our aim is to provide an impartial certification process to learners through approved centres, We are comitted to providing support to learners and approved training centres and ensure we meet the industry standards and critera set by different certification bodies

AdSkills Certification Ltd (ACL) welcome any interest to become an ACL approved Centre from existing or new centres. The approval process is a very simple and easy.


Prospective Centres will complete the centre approval application form and submit it to AdSkills, after reviewing the application we arrange a site visit to help you to meet the scheme requirements and  review of quality management system and practical provisions to deliver and assess to meet the scheme requirements.

We are committed to provide a professional service and ongoing support to all our approved centres during approval process and after approval.

Once approved the centre will be audited annually for continuing compliance unless it is deemed necessary to increase this frequency based on the outcome from portfolio review, complaints received or any other cause for concern.

If you would like to discuss further information,how to become an approved centre,please contact us by telephone or email on the details above.

Please click and complete the form below and email it back to us at 


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Becoming an adSkills Training Centre

Withdrawal of a certificate of competence will only be undertaken in the event of gas safety related concerns, these could be for any number of reasons such as, but not limited to, assessment centre malpractice, candidate cheating having come to light, serious gas safety concerns raised against the certificated individual.

Any such suspension or withdrawal will be communicated in writing to the certificated individual detailing the reasons and any corrective actions which may be required before re-instatement of the certificate.

Withdrawal will also be notified to The Gas Safe Register and certificated individuals will refrain from undertaking gas work relating to the suspension/withdrawal along with any other written requirements issued by ACL relating to the suspension/withdrawal.

Certificated individuals have the right to appeal suspension/withdrawal of certification.

To access our current records please click here.

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Suspension or Withdrawal of certificates

adSkills Certification is committed to provide professional, high-standard of the service. we will provide centres.

  • Advice and guidance

  • Quality management system

  • Updated assessment documentation

  • Issue a certificate of competence within 10 working days of receipt of a complete portfolio.

  • An express certification service (with additional fee) within 5 working days of receipt of a complete portfolio.

  • Competitive certification fee structure

  • Updates on changes to normative documents

  • Regular monitoring visits for continuing compliance

  • Support and a quick response to technical questions

  • Representation at industry and sector meetings

  • Confirm receipt of appeal to appellant within 5 working days

  • Deliver initial decision on appeal within 30 working days of receipt

  • Provide impartiality committee appeal date within 20 working days


Standards Of Service
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