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Fundamental Gas – Domestic

This training programme has been developed for new entrants candidates to meet the needs of industry and in compliance with IGEM/IG/1Standards of Training in Gas Work & the Gas Training Specification

For further information please click on the following topics.

* Standards of Training in Gas Work
* Domestic NG Training Specification
* ND Training Specification
* Metering ESP NG Training Specifications
* LPG Traning Specification

The programme is structured so as to ensure adequate learning is undertaken in a classroom environment before the candidate begins collecting work-based evidence. The classroom-based activity will include structured learning which will be underpinned with relevant assessments both practical and written to demonstrate both understanding and application of knowledge in each key area of gas safety and/or related activities

At the successful completion of this course, candidates should be at a level of competence to undertake their Accredited Certification Scheme (ACS) core Domestic Gas Safety Assessments and any work-related appliances that may be required.

Please read the Candidates Scheme rules for further information.

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